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International Fraud Awareness Week Resources

Published on 03 November 2022

Welcome to International Fraud Awareness Week 2022

FraudWeek 2022 launches on 13th November, when organisations across the globe dedicate time to raise awareness about fraud. This week-long campaign will reduce the impact of fraud by raising awareness amongst employees.

This year CFS will focus on bribery and corruption, what it is and how to recognise the signs.

What is bribery

Download our short infographic

Active bribery

Active bribery is offering something to influence the actions of another person.

In the case of bribery in the NHS, this might be a contractor offering an NHS employee money in order to influence the tender of a new contract.

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Passive bribery

Passive bribery is where a person requests, agrees to accept or accepts a bribe.

In the case of bribery in the NHS, this might be an NHS employee accepting an offer of money to help the company win the bid for a contract.

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Why do people commit fraud?

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) explains why people commit fraud. Explore how pressure, opportunity and rationalisation - called the Fraud Triangle - can come together to influence an individual to commit fraud.

Find out more in this short infographic from the ACFE.

The video will play on YouTube.

The red flags in behaviour

There are a number of red flags in behaviour that may indicate an increased risk of fraud, bribery and corruption.

Download the handy guide on the most common red flags in behaviour

Download a handy infographic showing the most common red flags

Procurement risks

There are a number of risks when it comes to procurement, especially for large organisations such as NHS Scotland.

Learn about the risks in contract tendering and procurement:

The penalties of committing fraud

There are a number of penalties of committing fraud or being involved in bribery and corruption.

Download our guide on the penalties of committing fraud

"The consequences are not worth the risks".

For more information on fraud, visit the Fraudweek website.