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Fraud awareness presentations

Published on 22 January 2020

Insider threat video workshop

Most public sector employees act with honesty and integrity. But corruption and fraud are always a risk and your organisation’s values need to be actively managed and encouraged.

Why attend our insider threat video workshop

Although most employees are trustworthy, career setbacks and changing personal circumstances are just two of many situations that can change how an employee acts towards their employer.

Understanding how employees can become a threat to your organisation you can begin to reduce the risks of a trusted insider inflicting serious damage.

Our experienced counter fraud specialists will guide you through the risks of internal fraud using a video drama. You’ll also get the chance to consider the risks for your organisation and the steps you can take to reduce them.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has identified insider threats of fraud and corruption as an area of significant risk for organisations.

What you’ll learn

Our workshop will develop your understanding of:

  • the scale and nature of the problem of insider threats
  • how insider fraud affects your organisation and your colleagues
  • the ‘red flag’ indicators that an employee has become a threat
  • best practice measures to protect your organisation

Who should attend

Our insider threat workshop is designed to support the work of managers and HR specialists.

The workshop lasts two and a half hours and is free to our partner organisations.

Attendees will be asked to read some information on insider threats in advance of the workshop – this should take around 20 minutes.

To find out more or to book a workshop, please contact us at