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Access eSchedules for General Dental Services (GDS)

Published on 11 August 2021

If you’re a general dentist or orthodontist, you can get online access to payment schedules and practice reports.

Before you can access your online reports, you’ll have to register for an online account.

Who can register for an online account?

Only general dentists and orthodontists are able to access online GDS reports. You can’t apply for an online account if you’re a:

  • practice manager
  • practitioner working as an assistant
  • body corporate assistant (unless you hold a normal GDS list number)
  • vocational dental practitioner

Submit online access forms

There are three occasions when you’ll have to submit an online access form for GDS reports:

  • initial practice registration
  • change to eSchedules contact
  • additional dentists joining the practice.

Initial practice registration

To register your practice for reports, you’ll have to complete an online access 1107 form.

Before you complete the form, all eligible dentists in the practice must read through and agree to the terms and conditions.

Make sure you provide the correct details or the form will be sent back to you. You can submit your 1107 form via email or post – you’ll find the details at the bottom of the form.

Change to eSchedules contact

All eligible dentists in the practice (including the current eSchedule contact) must complete a 1108 form to authorise a change to the eSchedules contact.

We'll advise your practice when the change will come into effect.

Additional dentists joining the practice

If any new dentists join your practice, you’ll have to let us know by completing a 1109 form.

You’ll still have to submit a 1109 form if the dentist comes from another practice and already has online access – but they won’t receive new login details.

If your practice has nominated an eSchedule contact, they must also complete the 1109 form.

What to do when you’re registered

Once your online access has been set up, you'll be able to run payment reports and practice reports.

Before you get started, you’ll receive two emails. These will come from our customer support desk at either csd or

The first email will contain your username and the second email will contain a temporary password, which you’ll need to change. A link in the second email will direct you to where you can do this.

If you need to change your eSchedule password, you can visit the login screen on the Directory Information System website.

How to access reports

When you’ve got your online account, you’ll be able to access GDS reports over two different connections:

  • CAT20 if you have broadband
  • NHS Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN) if you don’t have broadband

You can test your access by visiting the following URL:

If you can’t access the website, contact your NHS board’s dental IT facilitator, who’ll add the necessary settings to give you access.

If you don't have a SWAN or CAT20 connection, contact the dental customer service helpdesk at

Set up access levels

There are two levels of access for GDS reports – the dentist view and the practice view.

Dentist view

This view will give you access to your own payment reports for each list number you own. You’ll need to complete part two of the online access form to get this level of access.

Practice view

This is only available to the eSchedule contact, who must be an eligible dentist at the practice. If you want to view reports for the other dentists at the same practice, you’ll need to get their permission.

You’ll need to complete part three of the online access form to get this access. As you’ll also have access to reports relating to your own list numbers, you won’t have to complete part one.