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Access reports for Public Dental Service (PDS)

Published on 11 August 2021

You can register for Public Dental Service (PDS) reports if you’re a PDS dentist or NHS board clinical director or clinical lead.

Submit forms for online access

You’ll have to submit an online access form for PDS reports if you want to register a PDS dentist, clinical director or clinical lead.

PDS dentist registration

If any new dentists join the PDS in your NHS board, clinical directors must complete the dentist registration form 1301.

You’ll still have to submit a 1301 form if the dentist comes from another NHS board and already has online access – but they won’t receive new login details.

Clinical director registration

As a clinical director, you’ll need to get Caldicott Guardian authorisation before you can access reports in your NHS board area.

The Caldicott Guardian must complete the clinical director registration form 1302.

Clinical lead registration

To access the reports, clinical leads should request authorisation from their clinical director.

The clinical director must complete the clinical lead registration form 1303.

What to do when you’re registered

Once your online access has been set up, you’ll receive two emails from our customer support desk.

These will come from either csd or .

The first email will contain your username and the second email will contain a temporary password, which you’ll need to change. A link in the second email will direct you to where you can do this.

If you need to change your eSchedule password, you can visit the login screen on the Directory Information System website.

How to access reports

When you’ve got your online account, you’ll be able to access PDS reports over the Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN) connection.

Access is restricted to within your practice or health centre – you cannot access your reports from home.

Online access levels

There are two levels of access for PDS reports – the dentist view and the clinical director or clinical lead view.

Dentist view

If you're a dentist, you’ll have access to your own payment reports for each list number you own.

You don’t need to complete an online access form. Clinical directors will complete these on your behalf.

Clinical director and clinical lead view

If you’re a clinical director or lead, you can access reports relating to all PDS dentists within your NHS board area.