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Guidance - draft for public consultation

SHTM 80 - NHSScotland Firecode Fire Safety - Model Management (Draft for Public Consultation)

Published on 09 July 2024

From: NHSScotland Assure

This SHTM provides guidance on fire safety structure, governance and staff competency.



This consultation is for a new SHTM document that provides guidance on the organisational structure and governance that is required to ensure the fire safety function meets both legislative and mandatory requirements. The guidance document sets out a clear model of risk ownership and accountability and provides a framework that Health Boards should follow to ensure the competency of their fire safety staff.

All consultation comments to be returned by 23 August 2024 using the Consultation Comments Form.

Please note that this draft Guidance has been circulated with HFS branding. After the period of public consultation, the final published Guidance will have NHSScotland Assure branding.