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Setting up a national network

Published on 27 September 2019

How to submit an application

The application process for submitting national network proposals to NSSC has two stages:

  1. Outline submission – indicating need for network, patient group/cohort within scope, expected benefits/impact and support for proposal.
  2. Full submission – evidencing plan for organisational effectiveness. This will include high-level work plan delivery model and objectives, based on six core objectives, interdependencies, costs and evidence of support.

Documents for proposal submission

Download the guidance and forms for submitting proposals for a national network using the links below:

National Specialist Services Committee (NSSC) governance framework (PDF, 1MB)

Guidance for submitting proposals to National Specialist Services Committee (NSSC) (PDF, 1MB)

National Specialist Services Committe (NSSC) stage one proposal form (Word, 685KB)

National Specialist Services Committe (NSSC) stage two proposal form (Word, 747KB)