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Results and reporting

Published on 24 July 2023

How we report results

We issue reports to the referring site or clinician by secure NHS email.

Turnaround time for results

The turnaround time for referrals is dependent on the investigation required but is expected to be less than five working days from receipt of samples for screening and confirmed positive referrals.

For all other referrals turnaround is expected to be less than 14 working days.

Read our annual report.

Look-back investigations

We are responsible for testing samples involved in look-back investigations.

Previous samples from donors found to be positive for a marker of infection, if available, are investigated to ensure the products transfused from these donations were clear of infection.

For look-back investigations you should contact Lisa Jarvis, Head of NMRU:


Reporting of transfusion transmitted infections (TTIs)

We are responsible for TTI investigations but we're not the first point of contact.

You should report suspected TTIs by completing this form Possible Transfusion/Transplantation Trasnsmitted Infection.

Investigations are carried out to determine if there are archive samples from implicated donations. If available, they are tested to determine if the donation could have been the source of the infection in the recipient.

Infection surveillance donors

You should send all information relating to infection surveillance of donors to Lisa Jarvis, Head of NMRU:


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