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Our response

Published on 29 November 2023

Delivering our vision and mission will require a strategic focus on the following four pillars.

  • We will understand how fraud, bribery and corruption adapts and impacts the NHS.
  • We will support health boards to prevent fraud losses.
  • We are equipped to respond to fraud.
  • We can confidently assure our key partners, stakeholders, service users and the public that the overall response to fraud across NHS Scotland is robust.

In this approach, the first of our three-year strategies, we require to prioritise activities that offer the greatest financial impact from the available resource. CFS will use its extensive access to data from procurement and primary care to optimise its impact on a ‘once for Scotland’ basis.

Our control strategy is flexible to emerging threats and a changing environment. It informs our annual planning and strategic tasking to focus activities on the right priorities with the greatest impact.

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