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Fraud awareness presentations

Published on 22 January 2020

Bank account takeover workshop

Bank account takeovers, also known as mandate fraud, involve fraudsters changing bank account details for a supplier or contractor to divert payments to an account controlled by the fraudster.

Why attend our bank account takeover workshop

The public sector loses millions of pounds to bank account takeover fraud every year.

Our workshop will make you and your organisation safer if your job involves:

  • receiving invoices
  • handling account enquiries
  • making payment to supplier or contractors

Our workshops are led by counter fraud specialists.

What you’ll learn

Our workshop will help you:

  • learn simple steps to reduce the risks of changing bank accounts
  • understand the scale of bank account takeover fraud in the public sector
  • develop best practice actions for you and your team
  • understand the risks of manipulation by social engineering
  • implement good information governance to reduce the risk of fraud
  • understand how to respond to bank account takeover attempts

Who should attend

You’ll benefit from our bank account takeover workshop if you work in an accounts payable role or if your job involves dealing with enquiries from suppliers and contractors.

The workshop is particularly useful for NHS primary care staff with responsibility for dealing with clinical contractors.

The workshop lasts 45 minutes and is free to our partner organisations.

To find out more or to book a workshop, please contact us at