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National programme delivery

Published on 04 September 2020

The Portfolio Services team are responsible for delivering the National Services Scotland (NSS) portfolio of Digital and Security projects. Our team produce large-scale solutions from design concepts to delivery, and provide extra support and services.

How Portfolio Services can help

Market scan and intelligence

Portfolio Services' knowledge comes from delivering solutions across the many platforms and products that exist in today's market. We support wider architectural solutions through strong industry relationships. We also use market scan and intelligence to make sure your concepts use existing relationships and capabilities.

Technology expertise in delivery

We want to ensure that our service is a truly national service. With this in mind, we understand how complex the deployment of solutions across Health Boards can be. Portfolios delivered during the recent COVID-19 pandemic have shown our ability to deliver at a national level.

Vendor solutions and management

Portfolio Services currently manage vendors and suppliers in a range of technology areas and services. We manage this tiered supplier list together with NSS Strategic Supplier management which ensures cost effective service and contract management.

Get in touch

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