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Secure solution design

Published on 16 April 2021

We build information systems by embedding the “secure by design” philosophy into projects from the start. We use this approach when designing applications to make sure security and privacy feature from the earliest stage of planning. Designs are documented, reviewed and maintained throughout the life of the system. They are also subject to careful risk assessment.

The keys to building secure solutions are to use standard architectural patterns and to use the right technology to address risks. This includes:

  • Establishing cyber hygiene baseline standards for server and application configurations
  • Using web application firewalls (WAF) to control web traffic directed to applications. This is particularly key to applications facing the internet
  • Recommending mobile security solutions such as mobile device management (MDM) or secure storage of data
  • Making sure controls are in place to reduce malware and ransomware threats which can harm critical assets
  • Ensure systems have privacy embedded by design and default.

National Services Scotland provides the national data warehouse, business intelligence and Tableau platform to respond to the COVID-19 crisis in Scotland.

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