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NHSScotland Assure Conference

Published on 02 May 2024

NHSScotland Assure are currently reviewing feedback from previous events, engaging with key stakeholders and developing options for the next NHSScotland Assure conference. Once agreed, full information will be shared.


NHS National Services Scotland hosted the first NHSScotland Assure Conference in autumn 2022 with a virtual event following in December 2023.

NHSScotland Assure has been designed with users to deliver a coordinated approach to the improvement of risk management and quality in the healthcare environment across NHS Scotland.

We underpin a transformation in the approach to promoting excellence, protecting patients from the risk of infection, and supporting better outcomes for the population.

We provide clinical and technical expertise to minimise risk and improve quality, practice and sustainability in the healthcare environment.

Established in 2021, NHSScotland Assure has introduced new, and where appropriate, enhanced existing services. We encompass services provided by Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infection (ARHAI) Scotland and Health Facilities Scotland (HFS).

Further information

For further information please contact or use the NHSScotland Assure enquiry form.