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Authorising Engineer (Decontamination)

Published on 09 February 2021

Our Authorising Engineers (Decontamination) (AE(D)) provide a service to all Scottish Health Boards which covers Central Decontamination Units, Endoscopy Decontamination Units, Local Decontamination Units (eg Dental), Laboratories and the NHS Scotland Pharmaceutical ‘Specials’ Service.

Our services

Our AE(D)s can:

  • Provide impartial advice on decontamination and on validation and testing programmes
  • Advise on the appointment of the Authorised Person (Decontamination) (AP(D))
  • Provide technical advice on purchasing and selection of equipment
  • Audit reports on validation, revalidation and yearly tests submitted by the AP(D)
  • Carry out equipment audits
  • Give advice on periodic testing and maintenance programmes
  • Offer guidance on operational procedures for routine production
  • Our AE(D)s are registered with the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management.

Get in touch

NHS Health Boards in Scotland can contact their allocated AE(D) directly, but for general enquiries please email