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Request a decontamination facility audit

Published on 09 February 2021

We support health boards with managing their decontamination facilities. In particular, we work with decontamination facility managers, quality managers, architects and healthcare planners to ensure facilities comply with regulations and best practice guidance.

How to request an audit

If you work for a NHS board, you can request an audit of your decontamination facilities by contacting our Decontamination team. Email

What happens in an audit

We check your facilities, equipment, management and processes follow the the relevant compliance documents.

How it works:

  • a brief is developed for the audit
  • we agree the audit scope with you prior to the audit
  • once the audit is completed, we prepare a report and send it to you

Compliance requirements may differ depending on if it is a central decontamination unit or an endoscope decontamination unit.

Get in touch

Got questions? Contact our Decontamination team on