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Published on 11 November 2020

We provide a range of equipping services for health boards. This can include buying single pieces of valuable equipment, as well as equipping new healthcare facilities.

Find out more about our services and how to access them below.

Project management

We offer a full project management service. Our experienced project managers can co-ordinate all aspects of your equipping project.

Product specialist input

Our team of product specialists can give you tailored equipment advice. They have expertise in areas such as:

  • electro-medical
  • dental
  • labs
  • pharmacy
  • diagnostic imaging
  • medical, patient and office furniture
  • other equipment

Design advice

We can help you with the provision and layout of medical equipment.

Equipment scheduling

We develop equipment lists based on your Schedule of Accommodation and fully cost the equipment schedule.

Logistics management

We can support you with:

  • delivery scheduling
  • receipting of goods
  • checking
  • labelling
  • equipment placement
  • on-site supplier management

We provide an on-site representative to manage equipment delivery and placement.

Provision of specifications

We can help you develop specifications for medical and scientific equipment. We make sure the equipment you are considering for your project is:

  • safe
  • compliant with relevant standards, codes and regulations
  • compatible with current work practises and existing equipment


Our team of dedicated equipment buyers offers a full procurement service.

We ensure that all procurement:

  • is carried out within the regulatory framework
  • delivers the best value for money

Get in touch

Need help with your project? Contact our Equipping Services team on or 0131 275 6000.