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How the Master Indemnity Agreement works

Published on 03 February 2022

The Master Indemnity Agreement (MIA) makes it simpler for both suppliers and health boards when goods are supplied free, on loan or for trial and testing.

If a supplier is registered on the MIA, health boards do not need to enter into individual agreements for equipment. Likewise, suppliers do not have to complete any other indemnity forms once they have provided proof of insurance for the MIA.

Receiving or supplying goods

Use our delivery note for equipment and goods supplied under the MIA.

Please note:

  • it is important that the delivery note is issued and signed for the MIA to apply
  • if the supplier is registered on the MIA, there is no need for boards to sign any documents other than the delivery note
  • if boards sign other documents provided by the supplier, this may render the MIA ineffective and they may not be covered by its terms and conditions

Download MIA delivery note (PDF, 602KB).

Receiving or supplying goods outside the MIA

If a supplier is not registered with the MIA, boards must use a Standard Form of Indemnity.

Download Standard Form of Indemnity (PDF, 641KB).

Note: This form must not be used when there is a requirement for compliance with GDPR legislation.

Teaching hospital use

The MIA covers equipment use by university employees at teaching hospitals, however there are some exceptions.

The indemnity does not cover:

  • equipment signed for by university staff
  • use of university equipment by a NHS board employee

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