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Digital estate

Published on 02 June 2021

Every NHSScotland property comes with a large amount of information, including:

  • detailed drawings
  • models
  • schedules
  • specifications

and associated documents such as:

  • manuals
  • warranties.

These essential records need careful and accurate management and storage.

The NHSScotland Digital Estate Group builds upon the work of the NHSScotland BIM Development Group. The BIM Development Group supported the adoption of BIM Level 2 along with the requirements of SSPN 01/2017: Implementation of building information modelling within construction projects.

The main focus of the BIM Development Group was on digitisation of mainly new project investments over £2M. The NHSScotland Digital Estate Group will centre on digitisation of the entire NHSScotland portfolio to appropriate levels. This will range from basic digital records and BIM Level 2, towards digital twinning on relevant new projects.

An NHSScotland digital estate will provide a reliable source of searchable information about the Boards assets. It will support joined-up decision making, dynamic insights and lead to better healthcare outcomes.

To assist Boards with the shift to digitising their estate, the group has created a series of guidance documents and supporting templates which are located in our publications section.

UK BIM Framework -

BIM Standards & Guidance -

BIM Grading Tool -

BIM Return on Investment Tool -

NHSScotland - Government Soft Landings Interactive Process Map -

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