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Public Private Partnership

Published on 21 December 2023

Public Private Partnership/Private Finance Initiative (PPP/PFI) Specialist Support Team (SST)

The SST is a joint collaboration between NHSScotland Assure and Scottish Futures Trust (SFT). We provide a range of services to support health boards in Scotland with operational Public Private Partnership, Non-Profit Distribution and Hub contracts.

These services include:

  • Project Support
  • Operational Project Reviews
  • End of Contract Support
  • Training and Development
  • Energy Contract Compliance Assessment
  • Production of Guidance on key contractual matters
  • Facilitating and chairing collaborative events


We provide training and development workshops for contract management staff, we employ several approaches, more commonly it is via informal drop-in sessions or on request bespoke training for a requesting contract manager/NHS Board.

To enquire about training for your Board, please contact:

Collaborative working

Contract management staff are invited to attend our bi annual PPP Practitioner events, national forums for sharing best practice.

In addition, the team chair and facilitate West Regional/East Regional Group meetings. All PPP/PFI/NPD/HUB Contract Managers are invited to attend to network, share experience and be part of the discussion on key themes affecting their respective contracts.

The PPP/SST team has also created a Knowledge Hub, an online forum which allows Contract Managers to access PPP/PFI/NPD/HUB related guidance, training and FAQ’s. In addition, it provides a route to communicate with peers from other NHS Scotland Boards in real time, for any queries, points on interest etc.

To enquire about joining our group, attending a regional meeting or to gain access to the Knowledge Hub, please email:,