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Claim for seniority payments

Published on 16 July 2021

Contractors will only be entitled to a seniority payment in respect of a GP provider if the GP provider has served:

  • for at least two years in an eligible post
  • for an aggregate of two years in more than one eligible post - part-time and full-time posts counting the same.

The first date after the end of this two year period is the GP provider’s qualifying date.

Posts prior to 1st April 2004

In the case of posts held prior to 1st April 2004, if the post-holder provided unrestricted general medical services and was eligible for a basic practice allowance under the Red Book, this is an eligible post.

Eligibility is confirmed if the post-holder performs primary medical services and is:

  • himself a GMS contractor (i.e. a sole practitioner)
  • a partner in a partnership that is a GMS contractor; or
  • a shareholder in a company limited by shares that is a GMS contractor.

Access the seniority payments claim form.

Please send completed forms to the relevant contact below:

Aberdeen office:

Edinburgh office:

Glasgow office: