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About the Scan for Safety programme

Published on 13 April 2023

The NHS Scotland Scan for Safety programme is at the forefront of improving patient safety across Scotland.

There are around two million medical devices in in the UK with one in ten people having an implantable device. Scan for Safety improves the traceability of medical devices through point of care scanning and digital data capture.

National Services Scotland (NSS) will deliver this programme in partnership with Scottish Government and NHS Scotland.

This programme provides a range of benefits across several key areas for patients, clinicians and health system administrators.

It is governed by a Programme Board which is responsible for:

  • Monitoring progress of the programme, ensuring activities and deliverables remain on track
  • Ensuring the programme delivers within the agreed parameters of cost, rate of adoption and expected / actual benefits
  • Reviewing and approving completed programme deliverables as indicated within the Programme Product Log
  • Approving any changes to the scope of the programme including changes to time, cost or quality within the agreed authority
  • Ensuring required resources are available and committed to the programme
  • Supporting the programme with stakeholder engagement activities and members to act as champions for the programme.

The Programme Board is chaired by the NSS Medical Director and all Board members have completed a Register of Interest form to ensure greater transparency in the decision making process for the programme. Further information on this process can be obtained by contacting the programme team at