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About the Scottish Cancer Network programme

Published on 23 November 2022

What is the Scottish Cancer Network?

NHS National Services Scotland is hosting the Scottish Cancer Network. This is a dedicated national resource to support and create a ‘Once for Scotland’ approach to cancer services. It will assist in enabling equitable access to care and treatment across Scotland.

It's main aims are to:

  • Develop and operate a system for the production, review, and hosting of National Clinical Management Pathways
  • Oversee and drive improvement of existing National Managed Clinical Networks and adopt similar national network approaches for other areas, for example areas with low volume activity, that may benefit.

The Scottish Cancer Network will work collaboratively with already established regional and national Cancer Networks to understand the processes and progress made around Clinical Management Guidelines and National Managed Clinical Networks. It will also work to assist the networks in continuing to make the best use of clinical time, ensuring best care for patients wherever they are in Scotland.

The Scottish Cancer Network will develop Clinical Management Pathways and improvement in patient pathways, including surgery, for less common cancers. Clinical consensus, ongoing improvement and equitable access will be key founding principles.

What will this new resource mean for cancer services in NHS Scotland?

  • Improved pathways leading to better patient experience and outcomes
  • A consistent approach to the production of high-quality clinical management guidelines, backed up a universally accessible digital space
  • Increase in public and professional confidence
  • Cohesion between healthcare and patient networks

How can you get involved?

This work will develop over a 2-year period. The programme team will work to support and encourage active engagement throughout the programme and at key stages but you can contact the team anytime via