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About the National Screening Oversight Board

Published on 31 October 2022

The National Screening Oversight Board (NSOB) is a group of leaders and stakeholders from across the screening landscape. The NSOB provides a forum for system-level oversight and assurance of the delivery and management of screening programmes. This includes the addition of new screening programmes and major changes to existing programmes.

Leadership and Direction

The NSOB leads and directs strategic support to system-wide planning and implementation. The Board also co-ordinates across national screening programmes and aims to ensure that all programmes are high quality, safe, efficient and sustainable. The NSOB will act in accordance with strategy and policy as set by the Scottish Screening Committee (SSC) and Scottish Government. NSOB provides assurance to the SSC and NHS Board Chief Executives.

Research and Innovation

The National Screening Oversight Research and Innovation Group (NSO RIG) is a sub-group of the NSOB. The NSO RIG was established to enhance research into screening and streamline the research pathway. Visit the NSO RIG page to find out more.