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NSO Research and Innovation Group

Published on 26 March 2024

The National Screening Oversight Research and Innovation Group (NSO RIG) is a sub-group of the National Screening Oversight Board (NSOB). The Group will enhance research into screening and ensure that screening research has the support of relevant NHS screening programmes.

As well as screening programmes, NSO RIG will work closely with service delivery partners and academic organisations to identify research priorities and guide future research into screening.

The Group will provide investigators with a single entry point to the research pathway. This enables early input from relevant screening programmes and helps identify any future challenges.

If NSO RIG endorses a proposal, investigators can include the endorsement in applications to research funder(s). Investigators should note that endorsements are not a recommendation for funding and do not remove the need for other necessary approvals. Advice on necessary approvals should be sought from the relevant Health Board or University Research & Development office.

NSO RIG research application form

To submit a research application to the National Screening Oversight Research and Innovation Group (NSO RIG), please download the application form.

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