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National Procurement publishes its 22/23 Annual Report on behalf of NHSScotland

The National Procurement Annual Report 2022-23, on behalf of NHSScotland, has now been published.

Published on 28 December 2023

The year’s report includes themes focused on NHSScotland’s continued pandemic delivery support, its increased investments to support resilience, and its continued efforts to drive added value from Scotland’s procurement spend and service delivery, back to benefit the communities it serves.

Some key headlines include:

· A strategic plan has been developed collaboratively with NHS Scotland Procurement Teams that highlights all the key activities to achieve our Net-Zero target by 2035.

· Over £43M in monetary benefits were secured for NHSS through commercial activity

· Around 600 million items of PPE items were shipped to healthcare and social care facilities.

· Continuing development of the Community Benefit Gateway Portal with 240 suppliers registered.

· Our national logistics infrastructure has built resilience in our supply chain.

Gordon Beattie, Director of National Procurement, said, “In the face of increasing pressure this year, with global supply chains being adversely impacted and high levels of inflation, our National Procurement Team, working in tandem with Health Board colleagues, have successfully delivered across an increasing complex and broad set of asks. This included delivering financial benefits to NHSS, increasing the number of community benefits being delivered, contributing to the delivery of additional social, economic, and environmental benefits within Scotland’s communities and tackling climate change.

“As we now look ahead, I am confident we can build on these experiences and continue to focus our attention on new challenges as we respond to the needs of the remobilisation of our health and social care services for the people of Scotland.”

The report is available to read here: