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NSS Annual Procurement Report 2022-23

NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) has published its Annual Procurement Report.

Published on 19 December 2023

This year’s report demonstrates the considerable work and progress being delivered by NHS NSS to use its procurement spend in ways that not only provide quality services and supplies, but also creates value for Scotland’s communities, businesses and their employees, and for wider society.

Some key headlines from the report:

  • Despite significant challenges, including high inflation and global supply chain issues, the procurement team managed to achieve a cost avoidance of £1.1M due to effective supplier engagement and the implementation of competitive tendering processes

  • 50 per cent of trade spend was allocated to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), benefitting the Scottish economy. Proactive steps were taken to minimise the barriers SMEs could face taking part in procurement processes

  • Over 80 per cent of suppliers invited to quote for requirements under £50K were Scottish

  • Contracts were awarded to nine additional suppliers in FY22/23 who are certified Real Living wage employers

  • NSS scored an 80 per cent customer satisfaction rate, above its target of 70 per cent.

Kris Lindsay, Head of NSS Procurement, commented, “The report shares our purchasing activities and makes public the totality of our procurement spend – in particular, our ongoing work to maximise the impact of our expenditure to benefit the communities we serve.

“Proudly, our report offers many examples of where we are achieving this, including an example where our spend has helped create four jobs within a supported business directly linked to an NSS contract for GP Records Scanning, where all employees are receiving the Scottish Real Living wage.”

The report is available to read in full here: