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Key Stage Assurance Reviews (KSAR)

Published on 03 February 2023

Key Stage Assurance Reviews (KSAR) focus on making sure that infection prevention and control are a key consideration in the following parts of a build project:

  • water and drainage
  • ventilation
  • electrical
  • medical gases
  • fire

KSAR workbooks

KSAR workbooks provide guidance on the structure of the review and the areas of investigation to be addressed by the review team. There is a workbook for each stage in the building lifecycle.

Initial Agreement KSAR Workbook (PDF, 1.32MB)

Outline Business Case KSAR Workbook (PDF, 1.48MB)

Full Business Case KSAR Workbook (PDF, 1.65MB)

Construction KSAR Workbook (PDF, 1.70MB)

Commissioning KSAR Workbook (PDF, 1.10MB)

Handover KSAR Workbook (PDF, 1.00MB)

The workbooks include question sets for each of the installation areas, with a specific set included for infection, prevention and control. The question sets are designed to be indicative rather than prescriptive and the review team may choose to probe further.

Compliance, not inspection

NHS Scotland Assure will not operate in an inspection or enforcer capacity. This will be carried out by organisations such as Health Improvement Scotland (HIS) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). NHS Scotland Assure will work to support them in their inspection role. NHS Scotland Assure and these bodies will share intelligence to ensure that assessments are risk-based and proportionate.

The Assurance Service will operate in an advisory, assurance and compliance capacity, and will work with Health Boards throughout these three levels with approval of reports and action plans.

Reporting and governance stages

At the end of each review, the KSAR team draft an independent assurance report to be shared with the health board and observation list (if appropriate). The health board then review the draft report and feedback.

Health boards draft an action plan in response to the findings of the assurance report (NHS Scotland Assure will support as required). A report and action plan are then submitted to Scottish Government.

A KSAR report, action plan and lessons learned are shared with other NHS Scotland Assure services.

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