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About NHS Scotland Assure Guidance

Published on 23 February 2022

The NHS Scotland Assure guidance service will develop and maintain guidance related to the design, build and maintenance of acute healthcare built environments. This will ensure they are free from avoidable risk and infection. The service will also produce the standards by which compliance within the healthcare built environment is measured so that assurance can be provided.

What does the guidance service do?

The Guidance service will identify and prioritise the need for new guidance and standards. This will take new developments from other organisations and countries into consideration.

The development and maintenance of new and existing guidance will adopt an evidence-based approach throughout, ensuring that guidance is up to date with the latest scientific and technical developments.

The service will work with National Education Scotland (NES) to develop tools and systems to support the implementation of guidance in NHS Scotland Boards.

The guidance service will also work in partnership with the research service to support the identification of new research requirements.

The initial priorities for the Guidance service will be healthcare ventilation and water systems.

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