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Community Glaucoma Service (CGS)

Published on 03 June 2024

A new national NHS service in Scotland has been introduced: the Community Glaucoma Service (“CGS”).

Each Health Board will exercise its functions to establish and operate a Community Glaucoma Service (CGS), as per the Optometry Enhanced Services (Community Glaucoma Service) (Scotland) Directions 2023 (“the Directions”) which came into force on 1 October 2023. The purpose of the CGS is to facilitate the discharge of certain lower risk glaucoma patients from the hospital eye service and enable them to receive care from accredited providers in the community. This will allow for NHS resources to be used for patients with serious sight conditions, and for patients with less serious conditions to receive care more promptly.

For further information on Community Glaucoma Service, please read through the Directions and the Eyes.Nhs.Scot website.