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Apply for the pre-registration training grant

Published on 03 October 2023

If you're supervising a pre-registration trainee in your practice, you are entitled to claim this grant.

The annual payment from the 1st April 2023 for PCA2023(O)03 Pre-Registration Grants is £4,212

The annual Payment from 1st April 2022 for PCA2022(O)05 Pre-Registration Grants was £3,974.

It is paid in two instalments; one after the first six months of training and the second after the trainee has completed their full year of training.

Forms should be signed and returned electronically to

Access the pre-registration training grant form.

Before you get started

You'll need to have the following information to hand in order to complete the form.

You will be required to provide your trainee details, including:

  • training institute attended
  • date of graduation or examination
  • period of training you are claiming for
  • details of the ophthalmic contractor that employs the trainee and where the payment will be sent.