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Guidance on the Pharmacy Care Record (PCR)

Published on 01 March 2022

This section provides details and guidance on the Pharmacy Care Record (PCR) - and how to gain access.

The PCR provides registered community pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with the capability to record details of a patient’s care.

It can be accessed from supported browsers on a PC and is also available on some mobile devices.

This functionality is a key part of the delivery of Medicines Care & Review (MCR) and allows users to record care provided at the patient’s registered Community Pharmacy (CP).

What are the key capabilities of the Pharmacy Care Record?

The key capabilities of the PCR are:

  • search for and add patient (incl. CHI lookup)
  • pharmaceutical care plan (patient profile, gluten-free diet, care issues and outcomes, Stage 1 and 2 medication review, and adding medication/importing from PMR)
  • high risk medicine (including care risk assessments for high-risk medicines)
  • new medicine (including new medicines intervention support tool)
  • support tools (gluten-free foods annual health check, smoking cessation)
  • Situation, Background, Assessment & Recommendation (SBAR) communication methods
  • pharmacy home (summary totals with links to detailed information)
  • reports.

Pharmacists have full access to all functions in the PCR, whilst pharmacy technicians have restricted access to smoking cessation and gluten-free support tool functions.

You must have a SWAN connection to login to the Pharmacy Care Record.

Visit the Pharmacy Care Record (PCRUA) Association website to log-in.

Login to the Pharmacy Care Record (PCR).

PCR Association error 116

PCR association requires software called CAPICom to be installed on the main/server computer.

If CAPICom is not installed this will trigger error 116 when associating. If this error is present, CAPICom can be downloaded.

Download CAPICom for PCR association.

Pharmacy Care Record User Guide Version 16.1

The updated PCR user guide covers all functions up to and including PCR version 16.1

Find out more about using the Pharmacy Care Record by downloading the latest user guide.

To see what is new in version 16.1 you can download it here.

ePharmacy Certificate Management Tool (eCMT)

An electronic certificate is installed on each pharmacy system to ensure security across the ePharmacy infrastructure.

The certificate ensures that messages are encrypted and secure as they are transmitted electronically, and it ensures that only authorised systems can send messages.

Download the latest Certificate Management tool.

You can also access the full installation and user guide for the certificate management tool along with how to renew your certificate.