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Published on 06 December 2023

eSchedules detail information relating to all payments and adjustments being made for the relevant month.

The following content provides a brief description of eSchedule reports, links to helpful guides and resources, and relevant contact details for when you’ve got a query.

eSchedule reports

eSchedules Update (21/10/23)

As you may be aware since completion of May Dispensing and subsequent upload of data to the Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW) there has been a delay in provision of the eSchedules. There are a few reasons for this delay, initially there was some downtime to allow for the move from the old reporting tool to the new from which the eSchedule is reported. Further to the upload of data to the new data warehouse a Quality Assurance (QA) exercise had to be completed to ensure the quality and accuracy of the data. This discovered some issues with the data that has loaded into the warehouse, the three current issues are as follows –

  1. There are duplicate records in the data warehouse
  2. Elements of the BNF structure are missing
  3. The accuracy of remuneration objects

Currently as a high priority the Data Warehouse team are working hard to rectify and resolve these issues to enable the provision of the schedules as soon as possible.

We apologise for the delay and any inconvenience this may have or be causing you.

Pharmacy details

This report shows:

  • the pharmacy’s details
  • the contractor’s number, name and address and the money transferred to the contractor's bank
  • if the pharmacy is a member of Community Pharmacy Scotland (CPS) and if it’s in transition or not

Payment summary report

This is a high level, one page summary of the pharmacy payments for a specific month, including summary totals previously shown on the PAY001 and PAY002 paper schedules.

You’ll also see regional payments and the CPS levy deduction, which shows how the final payment made to the bank is calculated.

PAY001/002 schedule

This report details the CP PAY001/02 payment information, as per the paper PAY001/002 schedule in a specific month.

Regional payments

A breakdown of the regional payments total in the summary report, listing all separate regional payments made in a specific month.

Supplementary and service payments (adjustments)

This is a breakdown of the full supplementary and service payments (previously known as adjustments) total in the summary and PAY001 reports. It lists all adjustments made in a specific month.

Detailed adjustment report

This report shows a breakdown of the Practitioner Services Division (PSD) error adjustment when one is reported under the supplementary and services payment report.

Adjustments are detailed by item and it shows:

  • what was originally paid
  • what should have been paid
  • the adjustment being made to rectify the payment

Out-of-pocket expenses

This is a full breakdown, by item, of the total out-of-pocket expenses in the summary and PAY001 reports.

The report is split into two tables – one for dummy items (those we don’t hold on file) and one for non-dummy items.

The report for non-dummy items details where an out-of-pocket expense has been claimed and where an out-of-pocket expense has been passed to us for payment.

If the claimed and paid amounts don’t match, please check that any missing items are not included in the drug tariff. This is because out of pocket expenses are not allowed for these items.

High value report

This report shows a breakdown of any items that have been reimbursed at greater than £200 per item.

GP34 declared v actual paid

This report details the count of form items declared by the pharmacy and actually paid by us. It also details the number of any patient charge deductions in a specific month.

The count for actual paid items doesn’t include rejected items, uncollected items and registration forms.

Dummy items

You’ll find a full breakdown of all dummy items paid in a specific month in this report.

Dummy items are items we don’t hold on file but the item name has been added and is displayed in this report.

Rejected items

This report includes details of any items rejected for payment in a specific month, as well as the reason for the rejection.

Service Efficiency (SE) report

This report, which was formerly the Quality & Efficiency (Q&E) report, shows you details of the SE eclaim percentage.

Medicines: Care and Review (MCR) registration report

See the number of MCR registered patients and assessed registrations, as well as MCR payment, pool contribution, capitation information and payment advice.

Smoking cessation and Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) report

This details the number of patients registered for smoking cessation at the various stages of the cycle, as well as EHC patient totals.

MCR pool contribution, Essential Small Pharmacy (ESP) and Q&E target

This report details the:

  • MCR pool contribution and MCR figures used to work out payment
  • ESP payment (if applicable)
  • target for your Q&E payment

These figures were previously reported by paper/post.

Guides and resources

The following guides and resources detail further information on eSchedules, payment vodes and address mandates.

Supplementary and payment codes

Our quick reference guide to supplementary and payment codes gives you more information on each code and explains what they all mean.

eSchedule address mandate

eSchedules are emailed to all dispensing contractors on a monthly basis after the provision of a signed mandate.

The dispensing contractor must alert Practitioner Services if there’s a change to the email address provided.

Download the eSchedule address mandate

Contact us for support

If you’ve got a query about eSchedule or payments, there are a number of people and teams on hand to help.

Local and regional payment queries

For all local and regional payment queries, you should contact the relevant individuals for your pharmacy. You can find their contact details below.

Other payment queries

If you’ve got a payment enquiry that isn’t related to local or regional payments, please contact

All other report queries

Email the ePharmacy helpdesk at or call 0131 275 6600 if you’ve got any other queries about reports, including online reporting access.

The ePharmacy helpdesk is open Monday to Thursday from 8.30am to 4.30pm and Friday from 8.30am to 4pm.