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Submit and retrieve prescriptions

Published on 21 May 2024

Find information on prescription submissions, as well as retrieving copies of your submitted prescriptions.

Contractors must dispatch prescription forms to arrive at PSD Scanning Centre, NHS National Services Scotland, Gyle Square, 1 South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh EH12 9EB in line with the Community Pharmacy Scotland courier dates (detailed below).

Joint Communication from Practitioner Services and Community Pharmacy Scotland - May 2024

This is a reminder that the new Scanning Service is now operating at Gyle Square, Edinburgh. Please do not send your prescriptions to Bain Square, Livingston as they will not be picked up from this location. All CPS courier bags have had the Gyle Square address labels on them for some time, but if any old bags with the Bain Square address on them are found, they should not be used – please destroy these instead.

Please also remember to submit your prescriptions correctly and on time to avoid unnecessary delays to scanning, processing and ultimately payments.

The Scanning Service at PSD receives around 6 to 6.5 million prescriptions each month. Given the volume of submissions, even a small percentage of prescriptions submitted with staples, paper clips, tape, tears, etc. can mean significant delays to the scanning process. Below are details of two issues which are negatively impacting the new scanners:

1. Staples

New Scanners fitted with magnetic detectors, are sensitive to staples attached to prescriptions or supporting documentation and results in stopping the scanning in mid-flow as shown in the following video clip. This clip shows what happens when a staple is detected by the scanner. The operator now needs to pause scanning, perform various checks on the system and carefully separate stapled prescriptions before they can continue. This slows down the process significantly, will delay your and others’ claims being processed and ultimately could delay payments to contractors.

2. Patient Notes part of the prescription form

In some instances, the patient notes part of the prescription form has been folded over and not detached from the prescription itself. PSD does not require the repeat part of the prescription form and requests that these are removed and do not form part of the prescription submission. The impact of this is that if the notes page is not removed and folded over, when these are scanned, we may not capture an image of the rear side of the prescription with a patient signature for Scheule 2 & 3 controlled drugs, which is a mandatory requirement as per circular pca2022-p-27.pdf and required for NHS Board Controlled Drug Accountable Officers.

Best practices for prescription submission

There are certain best practices to adhere to when it comes to prescription submission.

They include:

  • ensure your pharmacy details are clearly printed or stamped in the top right hand side of all prescriptions
  • keep separate GP10A Stock order form with invoices/PC70s etc
  • the use of staples, paper clips, sticky notes, or tape in your prescriptions will jam the new scanners, so please ensure these are removed from your prescriptions to avoid delays to your payments
  • tightly secure prescriptions with elastic bands before placing in transit bags or boxes
  • use 2 bags if you have more than 6,000 forms; don't overfill the bag or use the same bag if opened. Call Community Pharmacy Scotland on 0131 467 7766 for more bags.
  • include your fully completed GP34 Declaration form

A training video on how to improve the pharmacy claiming and payment process is now available.

We cannot guarantee that late submission of prescription batches will be processed with that month's prescriptions. Our focus is to process those submitted on time. Only if there is capacity will late submissions be processed in that month. Those that cannot be processed due to late arrival will be prioritised for processing in the following month’s batch preparation and scanning schedule. We urge everyone to submit prescriptions on time to avoid delays to your payment.

Should you have any further enquiries, please contact the PSD Scanning Centre on 01506 705125 or email:

Community Pharmacy Scotland Courier Dates

Access courier dates for prescription submission, preceded by the month in question.

Retrieve a copy of a submitted prescription

Practitioner Services are happy to provide dispensing contractors with a scanned copy of prescriptions submitted for processing.

To obtain a copy of a scanned prescription, please contact 01506 705101 for a retrieval request form.