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Stoma supplies

Published on 07 May 2024

This list includes those items which may be ordered by authorised prescribers on the appropriate lists of Health Board, and indicate the specifications and reimbursement prices which shall apply to the stoma services contractors (community pharmacy contractors and dispensing appliance contractors) who are authorised to dispense these lines.

Amendments to content – any application for addition, amendment or deletion of lines to this list must be made in writing to:

Commodity Manager
National Procurement
Gyle Square
EH12 9EB


Stoma appliances - reimbursement prices

Please see the latest tariff

Monthly amendments to Stoma appliances


Please refer to the exceptions list for information regarding non-reimbursable NHSScotland garments, which fall outside the Level 2 categorisation.

Stoma fees

Stoma Supplies (114KB)


All enquiries should be directed to National Procurement at:



The data contained on this and the attached web-pages are intended for the purpose of informing prescribers and dispensing contractors supplying relevant services to NHSScotland. NSS accepts no liability for any errors in or misuse or misrepresentation of this data.

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