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Community Benefit Gateway (CBG) is a free and easy to use online service that connects NHSScotland suppliers with third sector community organisations within Scotland.

It supports community initiatives such as:

  • Work placement opportunities
  • Volunteering projects
  • The provision of professional advice
  • Assistance with building community facilities
  • Environmental proposals
  • Improving and promoting biodiversity
  • Lifelong learning projects (this list is not exhaustive)

In collaboration with Public Health Scotland, the CBG helps improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of local areas and assists in the reduction of health inequalities across Scotland. CBG's purpose is to establish a positive relationship between appropriate suppliers and third sector community organisations through the fulfilment of community needs. Case studies are available for more information.

Access our CBG service by clicking on "Start Now" below.

This service is provided on the Community Benefit Gateway portal.

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Before you get started

NHS Scotland Procurement may gather details from the Community Benefit Gateway portal in support of our Sustainable Procurement Duty reporting obligations.

Please read our guidance documentation:

Contact us to find out more about the Community Benefit Gateway.

Community Benefit Gateway - NHS National Services Procurement platform, in partnership with NHSScotland’s procurement community, Public Health Scotland, and local board public health teams.