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How we implement new frameworks at the distribution centre

Published on 21 February 2023

The National Distribution Centre (NDC) supplies products to NHSScotland.

We support the implementation of new national frameworks via the catalogue change proposal process.

Product transfer process

  1. Once a contract award occurs, you'll receive a buyer guide from us with details of the framework.
  2. This buyer guide is also sent to the Logistics Team, who review and match the new award to current NDC products.
  3. We'll complete a catalogue change form advising of the outgoing product. This also provides details about the new first ranked framework product and any financial impact.
  4. You'll receive a draft of the catalogue change form attached to a workbook for your review.
  5. Once you've reviewed it, please submit the completed form to:
  6. On receipt, we'll process the form. Progress will be advised weekly via the health board reports.