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What happens when there's a product supply issue?

Published on 05 October 2021

Our Customer Supply Notices will inform you about products affected by temporary, long term supply issues. This will let you know if there is any impact on your health board.

A Customer Supply Notice (CSN) will be issued with a unique reference number containing all the relevant details.

Notices will also state where alternative products are available. These can only be ordered by acceptance from Healthboards via the corresponding CSN. NB We will not issue any alternative without this confirmation.

Our Materials Management Team will allocate any alternatives via the allocation shortage report.

Once the original product comes back into stock we will close the CSN after any unique alternatives ordered have been consumed.

View the latest Customer Supply Notices on the Knowledge Hub. If you don’t have a Knowledge Hub login, you must register before you can access it. Ask a member of your team to get started.