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Learn about public sector tendering

Published on 21 February 2023

If you work in a health board, or you're a supplier or service provider, you need to know how the tendering process works. Tendering in the public sector requires a certain set of skills and experience.

The Procurement Journey is a detailed guide, designed for use by professionals. You'll find key considerations for each stage of the public sector tender journey on this website.

How does the Procurement Journey help?

  • supports procurement activities at all levels
  • facilitates best practice and consistency across the Scottish public sector

Things to consider before starting

You have to be ready to meet the legal obligations of the public bodies. Ensure you are up-to-date with public sector developments and the legal framework.

You can reach out to senior procurement staff in each of the health boards for more information.

Contacts from our National Procurement department can help too.