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Decontamination of flexible thermolabile endoscopes and TOE ultrasound probes (SHTM 01-06)

Published on 01 March 2023

From: Health Facilities Scotland

Scottish Health Technical Memorandum 01-06 Parts A–E: decontamination of flexible thermolabile endoscopes and TOE ultrasound probes in EDUs



The SHTM 01-06 series aims to provide detailed guidance on the management, process and general equipment requirements for the implementation of HFS GUID 5013 Requirements for compliant Endoscope Decontamination Units (EDUs), which states all EDUs in NHS Scotland should move towards the compliance requirements for facilities, equipment, management and process.

The SHTM 01-06 series comprises of five parts:

  • Part A – Management
  • Part B – General requirements for decontamination equipment and test equipment provision
  • Part C – Dry and wet leak testers and manual clean flushing unit equipment
  • Part D – Automated endoscope washer disinfectors
  • Part E – Storage cabinets and packing systems for containment of disinfected endoscopes.

This guidance replaces sections of SHTM 2030 (2001) related to Endoscope Washer Disinfectors (EWDs).