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Geographical removal from GP list

Published on 27 July 2021

From: Practitioner Services

Geographical removal template giving patients 30 days to register with a GP in their new area. Type in your data - no need to hand write anymore.



We are piloting a new process for GP practices to notify Practitioner Services of their patients that should be removed from their lists due to geographical changes.

This template should only be used by NHS Boards served by our Edinburgh regional office, ie NHS Lothian, NHS Borders, NHS Fife and NHS Forth Valley.

Once completed on-line, the template should be e-mailed to the e-mail address shown at the foot of the template. Please do not hand write in the boxes. The form has been designed for you to type in all the details using your existing Adobe Reader DC software. If the form doesn't automatically open in Adobe Reader DC, please download the form to your PC and then open it using Adobe Reader DC to type into the boxes. Please try and list families together on one form unless there are more than 5 family members, when a second form should be used. We are limited to 3 lines for the addresses, therefore please list the post town and post code on the same line.

Practitioner Services will contact the patient(s) advising them of the removal and to source a GP in their new area within 30 days, afterwhich they will be removed from their existing practice unless they have already registered with a new GP practice.