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IRIC safety alert

National Patient Safety Alert – NatPSA/2021/001/MHRA

Published on 11 March 2021

From: Health Facilities Scotland

NatPSA/2021/001/MHRA - Supply disruption of sterile infusion sets and connectors manufactured by Becton Dickinson (BD)



Becton Dickinson (BD) have notified MHRA that the sterility of some of their devices cannot be guaranteed due to quality issues with their third-party sterilisation provider. BD is recalling all affected stock of the following products:

  • Infusion sets for specific Alaris pumps
  • Gravity infusion sets and connectors

Although the devices are likely to be sterile this cannot be guaranteed so there is a very small risk of infection from treatment with these devices. There will be supply disruption whilst BD transfer products to a new sterilisation provider.

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