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IRIC safety alert

Safety Information Message – SIM2109

Published on 10 September 2021

From: Health Facilities Scotland

SIM2109 - COVID-19 Social Distancing Diagrams & Information v2.0



IRIC and HFS have distributed COVID-19 Social Distancing Diagrams on our NSS website on three occasions since Sept 2020. Queries have been raised following the publication of SIM2109 which was issued 10/09/21. SIM2109 remains extant as it is in response to the Scottish Government’s DL(2021)28,in which health boards were advised of changes to physical distancing requirements. The extant document continues to provide a guide to 2m and 1m physical distancing depending on the requirements for that particular area as laid out in the COVID-19 addenda. However, it is recognised that some of the information no longer aligns with the COVID-19 addenda.

Please note SIM2109 is currently under review. A further update is anticipated in the near future to reflect updates made to the ARHAI Scotland NIPCM COVID Addenda and consultation of draft ARHAI Guidance on Winter Preparedness for Respiratory Infections. The posters in SIM2109 are obsolete and the review above will delete these (slides 10, 12, 15, 16, 17 and 18). There is no expectation that Boards will remove beds or reduce bed capacity following the issue of SIM2109. Please refer to the NIPCM COVID-19 addenda for all advice relating to the wearing of face masks and any other PPE.