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IRIC safety alert

Safety Information Message – SIM2204

Published on 01 April 2022

From: Health Facilities Scotland

SIM2204 - National Procurement Incident Management Team (IMT) Supplementary Risk Assessment to NatPSA/2022/002/MHRA Philips Health Systems ventilators



NatPSA/2022/002/MHRA: Philips Health Systems V60, V60 Plus and V680 ventilators – potential unexpected shutdown leading to complete loss of ventilation, issued on 29 March 2022, highlighted hardware faults affecting all V60, V60 Plus and V680 ventilators currently in use. The faults can result in an unexpected full shutdown, potentially without triggering a warning alarm or notification. Philips have confirmed that there is not currently a solution to resolve this issue. National Procurement IMT produced a supplementary risk assessment with recommendations as affected devices are in use in Scotland (see annex).

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