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SIBSS Guidance on Regular Payments for People Infected with Chronic Hepatitis C and their Widows, Widowers or Partners

Published on 08 November 2022

From: Practitioner Services

Advice on regular payments available for people infected with chronic hepatitis C and their widows, widowers or partners. Apply with forms M or N.



If you're registered with SIBSS, you can now apply for regular monthly payments if you:

  • have chronic HCV (formerly known as Stage 1)
  • are the widow, widower, civil partner or other long-term partner who was living with someone with chronic HCV who has died

This guidance sets out the eligibility criteria for these payments and the categories of payments.

Apply using forms M or N.

  • form M is for applications to receive chronic hepatitis C payments
  • form N is for widows, widowers, civil or other long-term partners who wish to apply

Guidance Video

We have published a short video on Regular Payments Guidance which you can [view from this link]