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Published on 27 August 2021

We manufacture cryoprecipitate at the Jack Copland Centre (JCC).

Packaging and transport

Cryoprecipitate is transported in insulated cardboard boxes using dry ice.

Cryoprecipitate pooled, leucocyte depleted

Parameter and specification

  • Volume: 100ml-250ml
  • Leucocyte count: Less than 5 x 10 to the 6 per unit
  • FVIIIc: Greater than or equal to 350 IU/unit
  • Fibrinogen: Greater than or equal to 500mg/unit

Stock item/lead time for manufacture

  • Stock

CT code

  • 10369

Cryoprecipitate for Neonates and Infants, Leucocyte Depleted

CT code

  • 29981


Our polices

Our policies and guidelines outline recommended approaches for clinical settings and transfusion situations.