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Blood products

Published on 27 February 2020

These blood products are derived from plasma donations outside the UK.

They are provided commercially. 

Some products might be available from your local transfusion laboratory, others are supplied via pharmacy.

Anti-D immunoglobulin

Anti-D immunoglubulin is used to prevent sensitisation to the D-antigen in RhD negative women during pregnancy or after delivery.

It is provided by: 

  • 500 IU D-Gam: BPL
  • 1500 IU Rhophylac: CSL

Prothrombin complex concentrate

Prothrombin complex concentrate is used to reverse anticoagulation with warafin in life threatening and bleeding emergencies.

It is provided by: 

  • Octaplex
  • Beriplex


  • 20% and 4.5% human albumin solution (HAS)

Intravenous immunoglobulin 

  • Vigam

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