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Sign up for DenPro

DenPro is NHSScotland's collaborative purchasing scheme for high street dentists. It aims to help practices cut costs by gathering together into a buying group to negotiate the best prices on consumables and sundries.

Who’s eligible to apply?

DenPro is free to join for those who meet the membership criteria and is open to a maximum of 400 Scottish practices.

The scheme is open to:

  • dental and orthodontic practices included in an NHS board list and whose income from the NHS is more than 80% of the practice's annual gross income
  • practices currently participating in NHS Education for Scotland as a Vocational Training (VT) practice
  • all new, returning and continuing VT practices.

Please note that practices gaining DenPro membership eligibility through their participation as a VT will lapse at the end of the VT year (31 July).

DenPro membership conditions

There are certain conditions that you must meet to become a member of DenPro. So make sure you read this information carefully before you sign up.

Level of commitment

Members of DenPro are expected to support the collaborative nature of the programme.

You’re required to direct a minimum of 80% of your dental consumable requirements through DenPro.

Ordering process

All purchases through DenPro must be made online. You’ll be provided with a secure login to the chosen supplier’s online ordering portal. Please don’t share these login details with anyone else.

Payment process

DenPro members are required to set up a variable Direct Debit between the individual high street dental practice and the chosen supplier. No other or alternative payment methods will be used unless at the discretion of the supplier.


Membership of DenPro is on the basis of a rolling 12 month period.

Verification and audit

DenPro relies on the professional integrity and collegiate behaviour of its members. Any high street dental practice or orthodontists wishing to become a member of the DenPro scheme will be required to complete an online declaration. This confirms you meet the eligibility criteria and commit to participate in the DenPro scheme. However, we reserve the right to access information via internal NSS data sources for the purposes of verification of eligibility and compliance if required.

Suspension and termination

We also reserve the right to:

  • refuse membership
  • terminate membership (we’ll give you 30 days’ written notice)
  • suspend membership without notification (this will be immediate while investigating or deliberating)

This will only happen where:

  • eligibility or membership conditions are believed to have been breached
  • a practice has engaged in practice deemed detrimental to the running or reputation of the scheme

The application of this clause will be at our sole discretion and carries no right of review or appeal. We’ll act reasonably with regard to this condition at all times.

Communication and data protection

All data we gather as a result of running DenPro may be used by us for the purposes of monitoring and profiling patterns of spending.

This could include things like product use, volumes and ordering patterns, which allows us to evolve, adapt to market conditions and hone the DenPro scheme to maximise its value.

While some of the data collected may be subject to commercial confidentiality, data will be subject to and compliant with all current legislative guidance and handled and treated accordingly.

DenPro running costs

The management of DenPro will be recovered by us on the basis of it being a net zero cost to NHSScotland.

These include:

  • the contract arrangements with the supplier
  • the customer relationship with DenPro members
  • associated administrative and management overheads

These costs will be recovered from the supplier via the contract arrangement between us. There will be no cost to members of DenPro.

Amendment to DenPro conditions

We’re entitled to amend the provisions for DenPro set out on this page, subject to giving members 30 days’ prior written notice of any such changes.

How to sign up

If you meet the eligibility criteria and have read and accept the membership conditions, you can go ahead and sign up for DenPro now.