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Section V – Extractions

Published on 31 October 2023

5-(a) Extractions

  • Extraction fees are per tooth.
  • There is no longer an additional fee for each visit required where multiple teeth are extracted within a course of treatment.
  • If a patient returns for an unscheduled appointment to manage abnormal postoperative haemorrhage, then a claim can be made under item 1-(c) for each appointment required.
  • No fee can be claimed for the removal of sutures placed by the same dentist (see same dentist interpretation in Section XII – Interpretation in the SDR).
  • If the patient requires removal of sutures placed by another practice or secondary care facility, then a claim under item 1-(c) can be made.

5-(b) Surgical Extractions, 5-(c) Advanced Surgical Dentistry

  • No fee will be payable unless appropriate radiographs are available.