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Section VII – Prostheses

Published on 05 April 2024

7-(a) Acrylic Denture (partial); 7-(c) Cobalt Chrome Denture

  • Removable denture pricing for partial dentures is still based upon the number of teeth.

7-(b) Acrylic Denture (full)

  • No longer a specific code for full/full dentures.
  • Item 7-(b) should be claimed for each denture if providing full/full dentures, for example, for an upper and lower acrylic denture under item 7-(b), claim G004 and G004 on the same claim.

7-(d) Special Tray

  • Special trays may be claimed under item 7-(d) in connection with acrylic or cobalt chrome denture construction.

7-(e) Addition, Hard Reline or Repair of a Denture

  • Please note patient fees now apply to denture repairs.

7-(f) Soft reline of a denture

  • Item 7-(f) cannot be claimed by the same dentist within 3 complete calendar months of providing item 7-(a), 7-(b), or 7-(c).

7-(g) Acid Etched Splint (per union)

The SDR provides the following changes to claiming acid etched splints:

  • Item 7-(g) can be claimed for the provision of an acid etched splint for:
    • splinting of avulsed, luxated or mobile teeth, designed to allow primary healing to take place; or
    • palliative care of periodontally involved teeth for the alleviation of symptoms where it is in the interest of the patient to avoid extraction.
  • Item 7-(g) includes the provision of all necessary materials and removal of splints.

7-(h) Laboratory Made Soft Splint / Fluoride Tray / Trauma Retainer / External Bleaching Tray (per appliance)

  • External bleaching tray is only claimable in connection with item 3-(k) Internal Bleaching. The benefits of combination internal/external bleaching of a root filled tooth are recognised and item 7-(h) will support this.
  • This is not to be used as a tray for the general whitening of teeth which remains unavailable under NHS arrangements.

7-(i) Laboratory Made Hard Splint (per appliance)

  • Hard occlusal splints are singled out as a separate item because the value of hard splints is acknowledged and are sometimes prescribed by secondary care specialists for provision by primary care dentists.