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Published on 06 October 2021

Domestic services in NHS Scotland

Domestic services staff work across all areas of the NHS, making sure that these are clean and safe places where staff can care for patients. They work very closely with clinical staff and infection prevention and control teams to ensure that risk of infection is minimised.

What we do

Domestic Services across all areas within NHS Scotland deliver a clean, safe environment that supports the control of healthcare associated infections and makes a positive contribution to healthcare outcomes using various cleaning compliance methods.

They are also involved in many aspects of the activities within the healthcare setting such as providing information for building redesigns, new builds and the development of new clinical services.

Safe and compliant

The NHSScotland National Cleaning Services Specification (SHFN 01-02)

This document allows NHS Boards to accurately and effectively risk assess specific tasks to determine the frequency of cleaning based upon the risk to the patient and also public perception. It includes generic risk assessments for each task definition which are aligned to the Standard Operating Procedures. It supports NHS Boards in accurately deploying resources to maintain a clean and safe environment for our patients, staff and visitors.

Download the NHSScotland National Cleaning Services Specification.

National Facilities Monitoring Framework Manual (SHFN 01-01)

This manual has been produced primarily for staff who carry out audits and manage the audit process, via the Facilities Monitoring Tool. However, the contents will be relevant to all staff involved in audits or managing the outcomes of audits. It provides those involved in the audit process with a single source of information and guidance for any activity related to facilities monitoring.

Download the National Facilities Monitoring Framework Manual.

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