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Funded research opportunities and innovation

Published on 23 February 2022

NHS Scotland Assure has an ongoing financial commitment to research. This ensures that research is commissioned and prioritised to address known gaps in evidence and reduces risk in the built environment.

Funded research opportunities

The service is currently working to implement:

  • a commissioning partner to manage funding, calls and research projects aligned to the priorities and needs of NHS Scotland Assure
  • an internal research commissioning model.

The research service reviews funding and commissioning models as well as opportunities for research grants to advance research into the healthcare built environment.

Innovation and technology

The service investigates how new innovations and technologies can reduce risks and ensure safety in the healthcare built environment. It can identify new innovations and ensure these are adequately scoped, researched and tested in the right setting.

NHS Scotland Assure Research will work with NHS Scotland Boards, higher education and research teams to help them build relationships with those interested in testing new innovations in a clinical setting.

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